Track your Patient's Orders

Use the provider portal to view your patient's health including dosage, diagnosis, adherence and other assessment data. We eliminate excess calls, emails, and paperwork while providing transparency between your office and the pharmacy, making it easier for your to focus on what you do best - caring for your patients.
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Electronic Prescription and Prior Authorization
Electronic Prior Authorization
Submission is available through CoverMyMeds.
Submit prescriptions quickly and easily online.

Optum Specialty Provider Portal

With Optum Specialty Provider Portal, you are able to: Access patient information, view patient referral information with prescription status, dispensing pharmacy location, and any referral activities, verify a patients' insurance information, look up a patients' current medications, allergy information, and diagnoses with ICD 10 billing codes and review patient assessments.

Home Infusion Services

Optum Infusion Pharmacy provides patients with the latest in home infusion technology and most user friendly mode of medication delivery for acute, hemophilia and intravenous immune globulin (igG) therapies. Every member of our team works to stay current on clinical best practices, find better treatment options and deliver better outcomes.

340 Drug Pricing Program

Optum Specialty Pharmacy supports the complexities of compliance, rebates, inventory and audits and its business relationships with Third Party Administrators (TPA's). while providing excellence to its patients and covered entities.

Drug List

We support a variety of drugs across several key areas of care. This is a listing by therapy of specialty medications that Optum Specialty Pharmacy can provide or facilitate access and is subject to change.

Male nurse smiling at camera

"Optum Specialty Pharmacy feels like part of our team. I wish they could take care of all of our patients."

- A nurse from a private surgeon in Alabama

Female doctor smiling at camera

"Your team took the extra time to wade through the policy hurdles to find a solution."

- Physician from Massachusetts

Ongoing Patient Support

Our pharmacists and nurses are available for your patients via phone 24/7, and Live Support, live video consultations, Monday - Friday. Live chat all day.